EventGlobe is the largest event listing in Japan. It introduces over 3,000 B2B events taking place outside Japan. This is twice larger than that of J-messe, the list published by JETRO, Japan External Trade Organization. the second largest list available today.

Let Us Promote your Event in Japan!

     It is said to be “Japan is one of the most difficult market to approach for oversea event organizers”. I have dealt with many oversea event organizers, and here are what typically said!

  • How do we promote our delegate sales?
  • How can we find potential Exhibitors/Sponsors?
  • We are to launch an event in Japan, but venues are not available for new events.

     EventGlobe is the only Event Platform which helps event organizers promote events/conferences to Japanese audiences.

Top Ranked Event Listing Reaching Japan Market

 EventGlobe is the largest event listing available in Japanese language. 75% of events listed in EventGlobe appear on the 1st page of your Google Search Result. And it tends to be the first result available to the local language to Japanese audience!


     Although English being the common means of communication in the global business community, there are people who are not that fluent.
Typically, one who speak English for business communication however, she/he doesn’t necessarily be fluent in written language, or visa versa.

“One who speaks English as much as a native speaker may not be a native English READER”

     What happens here is that, when seeking information about your event, it is quite evident that one cannot find, for example, the venue and/or the list of speakers. I see there are some event organizers who provide the venue info in the middle of no where, in “Description”, “About”, even in the “Footer”. It may be easy enough for a native English speakers, or READERs, but not for non natives.

     There are some local unwritten customs which you would never have any explanations. They are not secrets but considered to be a social norm. You would find some examples of strange customs below.

“RINGI” Unavoidable Japanese Business Ritual

     When I worked with a sales team in London, they faced several issues with Japanese customers. I never approved their methodology, rather I provided them with a good advise. But they never followed it.

We had a dedicated delegate sales team in London and its partners in APAC area. The team members make phone calls/send emails to those who previously attended our event.
Our database lacked the information on past attendees’ department name. With the database we had, our team had no way to reach out to appropriate individuals at the company.

We, EventGlobe, can provide you with the professional help here. EventGlobe’s mission is to be the bridge between global events in English world and those in non-native English audiences who need a little help.

Please provide us with the detail of your event. We will add your event to the list if it is suitable to the purpose of EventGlobe, we will provide you with a free translation of summary to Japanese (At this moment, Japanese, but other Asian language in the future). Translation basically consists of short explanation of event and summary of some content program which we believe to draw attention of the local audiences.

Fill out the form below. It MUST have: title of your event, Event URL, and contact detail. If you have any additional question, please feel free to ask!