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MRO Americas 2023


MRO Americas


MRO Americaは、航空会社や関連業界のリーダーに向けて、航空機の運用・技術上の課題にチャレンジするためのリーダーシップや最新動向をシェアするプラットフォームを提供しています。旅客/民間のロジスティクスのみならず、軍用ロジスティクスからメンテナンスまで軍用アフターマーケットまでをカバーしています。




◆主要スピーカー:(最新のリストはこちらへ ⇒ スピーカーリスト


  • Ed Bastian, CEO, デルタ航空/Delta Air Lines (2019)
  • Robert Ireland, MD, Engineering & Maintenance, Airlines for America (2019)
  • Don Wright, VP – Maintenance Operations, ユナイテッド航空/United Airlines (2019)


  • Anthony Baumann, Director of Contracting, Air Force Sustainment Center, Tinker Air Force Base
  • Jonathan Berger, Managing Director, Alton Aviation Consultancy
  • Lt. Gen. Warren Berry, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering & Force Protection, アメリカ空軍/USAF
  • Mark Buongiorno, Vice President-General Manager, StandardAero San Antonio
  • Robert Butz, Vice President & General Manager, Global Repair Services, Aftermarket Services, Collins Aerospace
  • Mary Anne Cannon, Vice President, West Palm Beach Site & Development Ops, プラット・アンド・ホイットニー/Pratt & Whitney
  • Dr. Fred Cleveland, Managing Director, Operations, Transportation & Logistics, PwC
  • Peter Conrardy, Senior Director, Aftermarket Digital Services, Aftermarket Services, Collins Aerospace
  • Mark Failor, Senior Director Public Sector Solutions & Alliances, Infor
  • Aurélie Germain, Airlines & MROs Senior Business Consultant, ダッソー・システムズ/Dassault Systemes
  • Roberto Guerrero, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Operational Energy, アメリカ空軍/U.S. Air Force
  • John Holmes, President & CEO, AAR
  • Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry, Director of Logistics DCS/Logistics, Engineering & Force Protection, アメリカ空軍/USAF
  • Robert Ireland, Managing Director, Engineering & Maintenance, Airlines for America (A4A)
  • Chuck Jackson, Executive Director of Services, Regional Engines & Services, GEアビエーション/GE Aviation
  • Bill Kircher, Executive Vice President Triumph Product Support, Triumph Group
  • Brig Gen John Kubinec, Commander, Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex, アメリカ空軍/USAF
  • Karine Lavoie-Tremblay, Director, Business Relationship, Digital Technologies, プラット・アンド・ホイットニー/Pratt & Whitney
  • Pastor Lopez, President – MRO Services, GA Telesis LLC
  • Niten Malik, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, & Logistics Aerospace and Defense US Federal, マイクロソフト/Microsoft
  • Lorenzo Marandola, President, M1 Composites Technology
  • Patrick Markham, Vice President Technical Services, HEICO
  • Kevin Michaels, Managing Director, AeroDynamic Advisory
  • Oscar Munoz, CEO, ユナイテッド航空/United Airlines
  • Ken Newton, Director of Supply Chain Operations, アラスカ航空/Alaska Airlines
  • Doug Parker, CEO, アメリカン航空/American Airlines
  • Roger Ross, President, Airlines & Fleets, StandardAero
  • Kevin Sampels, Director of Strategy & Client Relations, TACG Solutions
  • Vivek Saxena, Managing Director, Advisory Aerospace OSC
  • Andrew Schaffer, Technical Director for Logistics Chief Information Officer Support Division, Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, Engineering &Force Protection, アメリカ空軍/U.S. Air Force
  • Jamie Sismey, Marketing Executive – Americas, ロールスロイス/Rolls-Royce
  • Anthony Spaulding, Managing Director – MRO Business Development, ユナイテッド航空/United Airlines
  • Darrell Stern, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Embraer
  • Pamela Valdez, Vice President Air Force Services, ボーインググローバル・サービス/Boeing Global Services
  • Constance von Muehlen, Senior Vice President, Maintenance & Engineering, アラスカ航空/Alaska Airlines
  • Don Wetekam, SVP Government & Defense Business Development, AAR CORP
  • Mark Wibben, Vice President Engineering & Programs, サウスウエスト航空/Southwest Airlines

  • Ed Bastian, CEO, デルタ航空/Delta Air Lines
  • Robert Ireland, MD, Engineering & Maintenance, Airlines for America (A4A)
  • Don Wright, VP – Maintenance Operations, ユナイテッド航空/United Airlines

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