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Affiliate Summit East 2023



米国の東海岸・西海岸ヨーロッパアジアの4地域で開催されるAffiliate Summitは、アフィリエイト業界でも最大級のカンファレンスとして世界の注目を集めています。カンファレンスには日本からも楽天やインタースペースがスピーカーとして登壇し世界に向けて情報の発信をしています。



展示会 + カンファレンス



  • ブルース・クレイ/Bruce Clay, President, ブルース・クレイ/Bruce Clay Inc (2019)
  • Nilla Ali, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, BuzzFeed (2019)
  • Chris Jonson, Client Services Director , グルーポン/Groupon (2019)
  • Bill Macaitis, Advisor & Board Member, Previous CMO & CRO w/ 5 exits, Slack Zendesk Salesforce (2019)

  • Geno Prussakov, Founder & CEO, AM Navigator
  • Gary Marcoccia, Chief Business Officer, GravityFed.com, Inc.
  • Amber Spears, Co-Founder, East 5th Avenue
  • Brian Massey, Conversion Scientist, Conversion Sciences LLC
  • Christina Weaver, Global Affiliate Marketing Manager, Lovehoney Ltd
  • Choots Humphries, Co-President, LinkConnector
  • Wave Wyld, TikTok Expert, Wave Wyld Studio
  • Kyle Ranally, Vertical Insights Marketing Strategist, メタ/Meta
  • Tara McCommons, VP Sales & Marketing, LinkConnector
  • Tara Zirker, Founder, Successful Ads Club
  • Jodi Rieger, Vice President Client Services, All Inclusive Marketing
  • Jess Chan, Founder & CEO, Longplay
  • Dhomonique Murphy, Founder & President, Media Mastery Now
  • Alex Haynes, Group Commercial Director, Incubeta
  • Jitendra Vaswani, CEO of Digiexe.com, Digiexe Solutions
  • Tance Hughes, President, Southern Designs
  • Rachel Zalta, Online Behavior Researcher, Zalta Consulting
  • David Adler, Attorney/Founder, Adler Law Group
  • Wade Tonkin, Director, Global Affiliate Marketing, Fanatics, Inc.
  • Anthony Sarandrea, CEO, Pocket Your Dollars
  • Ori Shavit, Industry Manager, Aggregators and Affiliates, グーグル/Google
  • Dave Maman, CEO, WeCall
  • Yvette Edsall, COO, Fintel connect
  • Samir Balwani, CEO, QRY
  • Sara Bodner, Digital Content Manager, Conklin Media
  • Nathan Coleman, Head of Growth, Americas, Taboola
  • Alex Melen, Co-Founder, SmartSites
  • Courtney Tarrant, Owner, The Ad Girls
  • Yvette Edsall, COO, Fintel Connect
  • Casey McNulty, Senior Performance Director, Finder.com
  • Lionel Yrhi, Senior Affiliate Manager, Fiverr
  • Heather Marie, Founder & CEO, Shoppable
  • Jay Cruiz, Chief Sales Officer, AmpiFire
  • Nimay Parekh, VP – Product and Growth, Jivox
  • Ben Bittan, VP of Business Units, Trafficpoint
  • Jonathan Wank, Director of Audience Development, theSkimm

  • Alex Fedotoff, CEO, eCommerce Scaling Secrets
  • Amanda Dobson, Director of Acquisition, Three Founders Publishing
  • Andrew Sabbatino, Founder, Cold Outreach Email Agency
  • Anna Gita, CEO, MaxWeb Affiliate Network
  • Anna Steward, Owned Media Manager, ClickBank
  • Bethany Cowan, Programming Manager, DigitalMarketer
  • Christopher Walker, CEO & Co-founder, UMZU
  • Courtney Spritzer, CEO, Socialfly
  • Dara Denney, Director of Growth, Thesis
  • Josh Snow, Founder, SNOW
  • Kasim Aslam, Founder & CEO, Solutions 8
  • Molly Pittman, CEO, Smart Marketer
  • Scott Cunningham, Founder, Social Lite
  • Thomas McMahon, Sr. BizDev Manager, ClickBank
  • Michael Roddy, CEO, Empire Social Group

  • Bill Macaitis, Advisor & Board Member, Previous CMO & CRO w/ 5 exits, Slack Zendesk Salesforce
  • ブルース・クレイ/Bruce Clay, President, ブルース・クレイ/Bruce Clay Inc
  • Peter Hamilton, CEO, Tune
  • Emily Noszkay, Senior Director, Commerce, コンデナスト/Conde Nast
  • Marco Reginelli, Head of Industry, Home & ConsumerServices, Google
  • Nilla Ali, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, BuzzFeed
  • Mike Allen, Founder, Businesswright Consulting LLC
  • Cyrus Ameri, Co-Owner, The Monetization Group
  • Leanne Armstead, Digital Affiliate Marketing Manager, Kroger
    United States
  • Clint Arthur, Celebrity Entrepreneur, Clint Arthur TV
  • Melissa Blau, Director, iGaming Capital
  • Michael Chua, Senior Director, Strategic Partnership Development, Ticketmaster
  • Catherine Comerford, Global Digital Marketing Manager, fitflop
  • Jeannine Crooks, Partner Acquisition & Development Manager, Awin US
  • Michelle Dvorak-Held, Owner, MetroNY, LLC
  • Peter Figueredo, Partner, House of Kaizen
  • Ezra Firestone, Founder & CEO, Smart Marketer & Zipify Apps
  • Robert Glazer, Founder and CEO, Acceleration Partners
  • Chris Jonson, Client Services Director , グルーポン/Groupon
  • Jesse Lakes, CEO, Genius Link
  • Kathryn Wright, Director of Online Strategy/CEO, Discountvouchers.co.uk




Seamless Europe 欧州開催:ペイメントサービス・ショーケース
eTail Asia  アジアのEコマースとオムニチャンネルにフォーカス
Seamless India インド開催:ペイメントサービス・ショーケース
Savant eCommerce Barcelona バルセロナ開催:eコマースカンファレンス 
NRF NEXUS リテール業界のイノベーションを推進
Retail X  Eコマースのためのワンストップショーケース



New York Marriott Marquis
Q257+CM ニューヨーク, アメリカ合衆国 ニューヨーク州
New York, NY United States
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